Day Hike in Kathmandu

To the untamed eyes, Nepal is mostly about the isolated Himalayas and the barren wilderness of Mustang. Many people get caught up on these trips so much that they forget the elephant in the room which is the capital city Kathmandu. The Kathmandu valley is suitable for people who want to get the perfect package of wilderness not far from urbanization, and history not far from where it had actually taken place.

For people looking to lose themselves in the silent forests where the fresh air accompanies them and the only audible sound is their own breathing, the Shivapuri day trek shall definitely fulfill their craving. We shall walk through the tropical forests of the park which covers an area of 159 sq. km. The hike takes you through the sparse settlements in Mulkharka and as the uphill trail continues, you’ll see Kathmandu in the background and snowy mountains like Langtang (7227m) and Ganesh Himal (7422m). For those that fancy animals, take the Phulchowki day trek and witness the wide array of birds and insect roaming in that area. It is one of the places near the valley premises that receives snow in winter. Speaking of snow, make your way to the Chandragiri hills and feel the fresh ambiance and observe the same view that led Prithvi Narayan Shah to the unification campaign which resulted in a greater Nepal. The trail is forested with the soaring cable car on view along with the frosty peaks of Everest (8848m) and Ganesh (7422m). The silent yet lively hill station of Nagarkot charms travelers with its dense forests and unblemished scenery of the green hills and local settlement. We shall trek through quaint Newari settlements all the way to the heritage site of Changunarayan temple. Interact with the locals here to know more about the myths behind it and its religious significance. The Nagarjun day trek offers the travelers an inside look to different species of plants added the benefits of exploring the caves where a famed Tibetan monk once meditated.

The Kathmandu day hike trips are mandatory for those that are affected by the constraints of time but still want to do some exploring. A blend of culture and nature is bound to make your day hike unforgettable and leave you a bit wiser.

Available Day Hike in Kathmandu