Dhap Dam: A Day Tour near Kathmandu


Dhap Dam, situated 26 kilometers away from the busy city of Kathmandu in Nepal’s Bagmati Province, is an impressive water reservoir. It stands tall at 24 meters and stretches wide at 175 meters, with a storage capacity of 850,000 cubic meters. The primary goal of constructing this dam is to ensure a continuous flow of water to the dry lands by channeling water into the Bagmati River during times of drought.

The dam, with its noble and vital purpose, breathes life into the Bagmati River during dry seasons, ensuring a continuous flow of water to the parched lands. It symbolizes sustainable practices, capturing and storing rainfall during the monsoon and releasing it gracefully during the dry season to preserve the river’s purity.

The journey to Dhap Dam starts in the serene ambiance of Sundarijal, a gateway to Shivapuri National Park, just 14 kilometers away from Kathmandu. From here, the path winds its way to the picturesque Mulkharka village, where the trail splits into two enticing routes. One leads to the mesmerizing Chisapani, while the other ventures towards Haibung, a less-traveled path promising explorations into Dhap Dam.

Visitors to Dhap Dam don’t just participate in a trek; they witness the raw beauty of Nepal’s countryside. The journey becomes a communion with nature, offering a chance to observe wildlife in its natural habitat and experience the simplicity and warmth of country life.

The story of Dhap Dam started in 2015, a testament to years of planning and dedication. Although its official opening was scheduled for 2021, the gentle waters of the dam began to reflect the sunlight at the end of 2022, marking the fulfillment of a vision.

To enter Dhap Dam, situated within the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, visitors need to purchase tickets at the entrance. The ticket prices vary based on the visitor’s category:

Nepali Citizen (Per Person): NPR 100
SAARC Citizen (Per Person): NPR 600
Foreign Citizen (Per Person):
NPR 1000 Motorbike (Per Bike): NPR 150


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