A Fantastic Journey: Trekking from India to China through Nepal


Imagine taking a special trek from the southern part of Nepal, near India, all the way up to the northern border with China. This amazing trek, known as the ‘Nepal Border to Border Thru Hike,’ covers 440 kilometers and lets you experience the beauty of Nepal in just 17 days. From low areas to high mountains, this adventure is a chance to see different landscapes and learn about Nepal’s culture.

The Trekking Path:
Starting from Khunuwa at the Indian border, the journey includes stops at Ramapithecus Park, Palpa Tansen, Aryabhanjyang, Keladighat, Ghiring, Sising, Tanahun Bandipur, Gorkha, Dhading, Nuwakot, and Rasuwa, finally reaching the Kerung Pass in China. Trekkers can choose different sections based on what they like, making the adventure flexible.

Beautiful Views:
As you climb from the lower Terai region at 60 meters to the high Kerung Pass at 4,080 meters, you’ll be treated to amazing views. The trek passes through historical places and tourist spots, giving you a mix of natural beauty and interesting cultural sites.

All-Season Adventure:
The best part is that you can do this trek at any time of the year. Whether it’s sunny or snowy, the trail remains open. This means you can enjoy Nepal’s different climates and landscapes throughout the year.

Staying with Locals:
For a more authentic experience, the trek offers various accommodation options like homestays, small hotels, and camps in villages. This not only saves costs but also lets you connect with local people and learn about their way of life.

Discovering Culture:
The trek is like a bridge that connects foreign tourists from India and China to Nepal’s rich culture. From ancient temples to traditional villages, each stop reveals a unique part of Nepal’s cultural heritage.

The ‘Nepal Border to Border Thru Hike’ is not just a walk; it’s a special journey through the heart of Nepal. This new route promises adventure, cultural exploration, and amazing views, making it perfect for anyone who loves trekking and wants to discover the hidden treasures of Nepal. So, put on your walking shoes and let the ‘India to China Border to Border Trek’ be your gateway to Nepal’s wonderful stories and landscapes.


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