Off The Beaten Path Trek


Nepal is the best destination for trekking, where there are a lot of touristic treks as well as Off the beaten path trek. The whole north part of Nepal is land for trekking but there is a lot of trekking regions that are still virgin and waiting to be explored Trekking in Nepal is an adventure that is done by thousands of travelers every year from all over the world. Off the beaten path trek away from the more popular trails and provide a wilderness experience in both the natural and cultural aspects of Nepal. Nepal has so many regions that are famous for trekking. Some of the popular destinations are like Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, Langtang, Mustang and Dolpo region. Some trekking destination is famous and well-known for trekkers. There is a lot of destinations that do not see a lot of trekkers because of their remoteness and less crowd.

The Off the beaten path trekking in Nepal offers an opportunity to get closer to nature, different ethnic people and their culture and lifestyle at the mountain. The pristine beauty of the Himalayas, virgin forests with exotic plants, wild variety of bio-diversities and the animals, hidden mountain valleys, rivers, and the waterfalls are other highlights of the beaten track. Go for the off the beaten path trek to explore the true colors of Nepal. You can observe the ISO cultures in the hilly regions of Nepal which are still unaffected by modern civilization.

Danphe Adventure Trek offers an off the beaten path trek in Nepal i.e Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Nar Phu Valley Trek. This trail is perfect for those who want to trek in less crowd. Exploring the remote region of Nepal and trekking in less crowd, this trek chance to get closer to nature and magnificent beauty of Himalayas.


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