Ramaroshan Trek- Farwest Nepal


In the heart of Achham District in Nepal’s Far Western Region lies the mesmerizing trail of Ramaroshan, a trek that weaves together legends, wetlands, and untamed wilderness. Named after two beautiful plateaus, ‘Rama’ and ‘Roshan,’ this trek beckons adventurers to explore the mystique of ancient tales, serene wetlands, and the rugged charm of nature.

Local legends speak of Ramaroshan as a place where gods and goddesses once wandered. Some tales suggest it earned its name as the tranquil abode of God Rama, while others tell of Lord Shiva and Parvati gracing the area immediately after their wedding. Ramaroshan boasts two enchanting wetlands, Rama and Roshan, nestled at an altitude of 2,500 meters. Just a short walk apart, these wetlands are nature’s marvels, inviting travelers to bask in their tranquility. The Ramaroshan region boasts 12 lakes and 18 lush green pastures, affectionately termed ‘Patans’ by the locals, which collectively create a breathtaking natural spectacle. During trek you will chance to explore Jigale lake, which is the largest lake in this area has a shape of English letter C.

When embarking on the Ramaroshan trek, adventurers can revel in panoramic views of the Budhi Ganga River Basin, along with the awe-inspiring peaks of Mt. Api and Mt. Saipal. The trek also offers a serene atmosphere around the revered Badi Malika Temple. For the most enchanting experience, plan your trek during the vibrant seasons of autumn and spring, when the landscape bursts into life with a myriad of vibrant hues. The region is home to Nepal’s national bird, the Danphe, along with a diverse range of avian species like Munal, Kaalij, and Dhukur. Additionally, the area hosts a variety of wildlife, including tigers, deer, wild boars, bears, wild cats, and musk deer.

Day 1: Arrival in Dhangadi: Arrive in Dhangadi and embark on a late afternoon nature walk at the enchanting Mohana Birdwatching Area.

Day 2: Journey to SanfeBagar: Embark on an 11-hour scenic drive from Dhangadi to the picturesque settlement of SanfeBagar, nestled along the riverbanks.

Day 3: Explore Sanfe: After a hearty breakfast, explore the local attractions in Sanfe, including ancient forts and temples. After lunch, drive to Mangalsen (3 hrs). The rest of the afternoon is yours to enjoy.

Day 4: Adventure to RamaRoshan: Following breakfast, embark on a 5-hour drive to RamaRoshan. Experience the hospitality of a local homestay and indulge in a short hike to explore the surroundings.

Day 5: Discover RamaRoshan Lake: Embark on a scenic hike to the mesmerizing RamaRoshan Lake (1 hour). Spend the entire day exploring the area’s natural wonders, with a packed lunch to keep you energized. Return in time for a sumptuous dinner and a peaceful night’s sleep.

Day 6: Journey to Belkhet: After breakfast, embark on an 8-hour drive to Belkhet. Enjoy lunch en route and find your rest in a local lodge in Belkhet.

Day 7: Return to Dhangadi: Drive from Belkhet to Surkhet (3 hrs) and then continue your journey to either Nepalganj (3 hrs) or Dhangadi (5 hrs).




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