Shivapuri Hike

The Shivapuri day hike revolves around the Shivapuri National Park and is often hailed by many to be a must-do in the Kathmandu valley. Spreading on an area of 159 km2, the park provides travelers an extreme sense of isolation that is virtually impossible near the city premises. The delicate and intricate balance of man and nature is blissfully portrayed by this hike and is guaranteed to leave you a changed individual.

With a thorough introduction with our guides, we venture towards Budhanikantha which sits 8 km north of Kathmandu. Our guide will accompany you as you tour around the Budhanikantha temple where you can find a statue of Lord Vishnu sleeping in the pond. This pond has numerous myths associated with it so be sure to explore it.  We fight the uphill trail and reach the entrance of the park where we can see Nepal Army Post. We get our permits checked and head inside the park, thereon, the crumbling of the soil beneath your boots, crumbling of leaves, and bird chirps will accompany you to the top of the hill.

The park houses more than 500 species of birds and animals which might feel a bit difficult to observe during the day. Animals like Indian leopard, jungle cat, Hanuman Langur, and wild boar are found here. We head to the Nagi Gompa which sits at an altitude of 2330 m and is the highest point in this hike. After briefing ourselves with Buddhism and interacting with the monks, we begin the journey backward. This hike is relatively easy and can be done by anyone. However, the trails may be slippery; so, you must be extremely careful on both the ascent and descent. Upon arrival at the entrance of the park, we head back to the hotel where the trip shall end.

A pioneer in trekking and other trips in Nepal, the Danphe Adventure Treks focuses on providing quality service at an affordable price. On the Shivapuri hike, we offer the chance for travelers to enjoy the natural aspect around the valley. The hike also offers a different perspective to view the Kathmandu valley.